Simply put, Vendor Wizard automates the tracking and management of your vendor relationships within a secure SaaS application. Not your typical expensive, bloated and overly complicated Vendor Management System, Vendor Wizard provides the following secure, efficient, and easy-to-use features:

Milestone Alerts

Have you ever let a contract expiration date creep up on you? Maybe you missed the deadline for exercising an auto-renewal provision? Are all of your vendors diligent about updating their audit or insurance documentation?

If you're tired of trying to track these important vendor related events with a spreadsheet or a desk calendar, then do yourself a favor - try Vendor Wizard.

Vendor Wizard allows you to define which notifications you'll receive, and when you'll receive them. Choose to be notified six months prior to a contract renewal or two weeks before you need to schedule a service level agreement review. With Vendor Wizard, automated notifications will alert you to the upcoming action items and important events associated with your vendor documents and relationships.

Interactive Dashboard

What percentage of your company's budget is contractually obligated to IT versus Marketing? Any idea what's included in the money spent on Facilities? Have you become so reliant on one vendor that you need to find another to spread the risk? Do you even know?

Through an easy-to-read dashboard, Vendor Wizard provides a critical view of your company's spend - by vendor, by category, and by agreement. Interactive graphs allow you to drill down to the subcategory level with the click of a mouse. Vendor Wizard can turn hours of meeting preparation into mere minutes, saving you both time and money.

Share the information with your staff or use it for upcoming vendor negotiations. Regardless of the reason you need it, it's always at your fingertips at Vendor Wizard.

Document Repository

Are you still making that less than pleasant trip to the dreaded storage room to pull documents? What happens to your documents if there is a fire? Are you paying a fee to a storage facility every time you need to take a quick look at something in the contract?

There is a better way. Vendor Wizard allows you to quickly and easily store, organize, share and manage all of these files electronically. Save both time and money by eliminating those tiresome searches through old filing cabinets, boxes and spreadsheets. Make audits easy on yourself too. Grant "read-only" access to auditors and regulators, placing everything they need at their fingertips.

Vendor Wizard on-line document repository allows nearly unlimited electronic storage of all your vendor related documents. Contracts, NDA's, insurance certificates, SAS 70 audits, SLA's - you decide. With Vendor Wizard, your documents are safe, secure, and the possibilities are practically endless.

Template Library

Do you need help evaluating an existing vendor or even finding a new one? Feeling a little overwhelmed conducting a large technology bid process? Maybe you're so new to your role that you don't have any experience with writing an RFP. Maybe you just simply don't have the time for it.

Vendor Wizard's Vendor Assistant area is there to help. Gain access to various document templates that can be easily modified to suit your project needs and improve your results. Whether you need an NDA, RFP, RFQ, Purchasing Policy, or even a vendor performance evaluation, Vendor Wizard has multiple templates to help with your project.

For those that may need a little more assistance, Vendor Wizard's experienced consultants are available to help as little or as much as needed. We don't accept fees or advertising from vendors, so you can expect unbiased assistance with the drafting an RFP or the evaluation of supplier responses. Regardless, don't hesitate to leverage the power of Vendor Wizard to ensure that you're making the most of your company's operating budget.

Risk Assessment

Are some vendors more critical to your company than others? Ever had a supplier relationship quietly grow to become so integral to your operation that it creates hidden vulnerabilities within your organization? How do you monitor that risk today?

Vendor Wizard allows you to set and assign your own risk levels. This important feature enables you to better evaluate a vendor's services, all while helping determine if the relationship creates unnecessary exposure for your organization.

Don't let an auditor tell you that you've become too leveraged with a single supplier. Let Vendor Wizard show you long before it becomes a problem.

System Access

Are you incurring overnight courier expense to expedite delivery of important documents to your team? What happens when someone in another office needs information from a document in your filing cabinet? Do you incur fees from a storage facility every time someone needs contract information?

With Vendor Wizard, your access options are nearly unlimited. Establish multiple secure ID's that define who has read-only or add/edit access. Provide your management team with access to company-wide information, or limit them to only the information relevant to their department.

Save time and money with Vendor Wizard. Provide your team with secure access to supplier information, electronic document repository, aggregated financial information, or the document template library from anywhere in the world - All without storage or retrieval fees!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

Vendor Wizard is a "pay-as-you-go" service and does not require an annual contract. Please keep in mind, like most other sites, we only request that you agree to our "Terms of Use" before receiving access.

Are there limits to the number of documents I can upload?

Absolutely not! As long as you maintain a Professional or Premium account, you may upload and retain as many documents as you require for each vendor record.

What kind of documents may I attach to the vendor records?

Our Professional and Premium accounts may store whatever seems important or relevant to each particular vendor relationship. Our clients currently attach a wide variety of documents that include contracts, non-disclosure agreements, service level agreements, audit records, insurance certificates, professional certifications, licenses, etc. The possibilities are endless.

What document formats are acceptable for storage within Vendor Wizard?

Vendor Wizard currently allows our Professional and Premium accounts to store Microsoft Office and pdf files.

Can I download documents at anytime?

Absolutely. Vendor Wizard allows you to download any of your stored documents on demand.

Can I email documents directly from Vendor Wizard?

Is someone in the organization asking for a copy of the contract? Vendor Wizard makes sharing any of your stored documents as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.

What happens if I want to cancel my account?

Once you start using Vendor Wizard, you probably won't ever want to be without it again! However, should you decide to cancel, you may do so at anytime by providing us with an email notification. As we mentioned previously, Vendor Wizard is a "pay-as-you-go" service and does not require an annual contract.